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Live the Life Tallahassee provides Hope Weekends at two locations: one monthly at our office in Tallahassee, FL and three times a year in the Smoky Mountains, at the Black Fox Lodge in Pigeon Forge, TN. Couples that attend receive unique one-on-one marriage coaching throughout the weekend, with seasoned and experienced coaches who have been through the program and have seen the miraculous results first hand. Hope Weekends provide conflict resolution and communication skills that are taught and applied in one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the weekend. Couples learn to develop emotional regulation, resolve hot-topics, earn back and build trust, meet each others needs and find healing in areas that have been long neglected. Hope Weekend is a marriage intensive retreat, and while it is not marriage counseling, Hope Weekends are faith-based  retreats that have an over 85% success rate in saving marriages in crisis on the verge of divorce, and have been described many times over as a life-changing experience for any and all marriages no matter their status. 


our curriculum

Our curriculum combines in-class relationship education with specific, practical and attainable  skills. Spouses are not only taught these skills, but through meaningful and sincere demonstration by coaches with real topics, learn to practice, and apply these skills themselves in order to achieve the marriage that they both desire. 

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our coaches

Our marriage coaches are best described as couples that are "marriage champions"--they prioritize the sanctity and the wellness of marriage in how they live and honor each other and God. Like everyone, they have endured each of their own unique hardships and continue to strive to have the best marriage ever. Each coach has mastered our conflict resolution skills and are proficient in both demonstrating and guiding couples to find resolution through difficult topics. 

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