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Pam mason

Pastoral Counselor

Pam was born and raised in the Florida Panhandle. She received a Master of Clinical

Social Work from Florida State University in 1998 and was certified as a biblical

counselor with the Association for Certification of Biblical Counselors (ACBC) in 2016.

Pam worked as a grief counselor in a hospice setting for 19 years and is a former

certified thanatologist through the Association for Death Education and Counseling


Pam married Barry Mason in 1987. They enjoy new adventures and ministry projects

together. Pam serves at her church, Fellowship at Midway, by leading the counseling

center there. She and Barry volunteer as marriage coaches for Hope Weekends here at

Live the Life Ministries. Pam thrives in seeing people change through dependence on

God’s Word. She has a passion for counseling women with the hope that only Jesus can

bring. Pam joins the Live the Life team as a counselor.

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