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JEssica Campbell

Director of Social Media

A native Floridian, Jessica fell in love with nonprofits when she was only a teenager. Inspired by the local youth programs both in her community and local church that personally impacted her own life, Jessica quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work. This resolve stuck with her throughout her adulthood where she leveraged her college degree in Business Administration & Marketing, passion, and experience to spend the last 16 years working in various roles within ministry including local outreach, accounting, hospitality, and community groups. 

Jessica is a wife to David and mother of two. She is passionate about strengthening marriages and families with her spouse who have served the last 13 years together as marriage mentors. 

Jessica believes that family does more than reflect God’s character. It provides a safe place where children can experience God’s love and learn how to love other people well. Today, you can find Jessica connecting people to relationship resources through Live the Life South Florida's digital platforms including social media, online marriage workshops and email correspondence.

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