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Logan Kelly

Marriage Ministry Specialist

Logan spent almost 30 years “behind the microphone” in radio broadcasting. He has made Panama City & NW Florida his home for well over 2 decades. He met and married his wife Leanne here and they have three great kids, Zac, Cece and Sammi who are all almost grown. Logan is very active at St. Andrew Baptist Church, where he and Leanne lead a small group focusing on marriage enrichment. He has also served as a deacon there since 2005 and played the disciple Peter in the Panama City Passion Play just about every year since its inception in 2004. Logan has been very active in his local community, using his time and talents to contribute to a great many local charities, non-profit programs and events. In his spare time, Logan enjoys outings with his family, music, and sports. Logan’s real heart and passion is seeing marriages and families strengthened and restored.

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