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MAY 20- 21, 2022

Thank you for being so invested and engaged in newly wed couples! We are re-launching Start Smart with new program materials and technology, like the First Steps to Forever Class, Happily Ever After Mentoring, exciting new research as well as new opportunities for compensation and so much more.


The cost for the two day in person conference:

  • $199 Per Couple = Non-Church Partner

  • $  99 Per Couple = Church Partners (Contact your local Regional Office for a promo code.)

  • If you are not sure of which Regional Office to contact as a Church Partner, email


What you will get:

  •  Certification to be a First Steps To Forever Instructor 

  •  Training on how to use the new Start Smart website

  •  Refresher on how to go through the inventory with a couple, as well as going over the new questions

  •  Going over new research on pornography and loneliness

  •  Newest digital and printed versions of the Start Smart curriculum and workbooks

  •  Training on how to use the new calendar system to schedule couples mentoring sessions

  •  How to digitally target people for Start Smart


Who should attend:

  • LTL Start Smart Church Partners

  • Certified Start Smart Trainers

  • Start Smart Mentors 

  • Pastors and Church Leaders 

  • Marriage and Single Ministry Leaders

  • LTL Marriage Coaches and Class Instructors

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                                       Start Smart Church Partners: $199 per couple


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