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Our office offers individual, marriage, and family counseling along with marriage coaching. 

Couples often ask: coaching vs counseling, what’s the difference? Coaching focuses on the present and moving forward with coaches as facilitators. You will learn to listen for understanding not agreement, learn the power of US and discover solutions for your specific issues together. 80% of marital problems do not need to be resolved, they just need to be heard. Coaches help couples use proven skills to listen more effectively, practice empathy, and navigate through otherwise tough conversations to find the US. Coaches will not tell you what to do but will help you figure out what will work best for you as a couple through a proven conflict-resolution process. Live the Life’s intake process is a great way to determine if coaching is right for you. If coaching is not the right fit, we can provide various counseling/support resources to get your marriage relationship on track ASAP .


Here is a comparison of coaching and counseling:

Coaching gives couples new tools and helps them apply those tools to achieve the marriage they want. Live the Life routinely makes referrals to a counselor or the marriage-intensive Hope Weekend (with a 85% success rate in saving marriages in crisis) if a situation is not “coachable.”

  • Marriage Coaching creates a partnership between the coaches and the couples they coach. Coaches have extensive knowledge and proficiency in the process; couples are familiar with their relationship and ultimately create their own solutions.

  • Number of Sessions: dependent on the couple

  • Session Length: 1 hour, varies according to the couple.

  • Cost: $50 per hour 


Counseling as noted above is for couples and individuals who need more specialized help to address past trauma, infidelity, or other behaviors that are beyond coaching. Pastoral counseling helps individuals understand their past and create a healthier present through the lens of Christian principles.  Renowned licensed psychologist and author of more than 20 books, Dr Steve Stephens, has said that 70% of his clients could benefit from coaching and do not need a licensed counselor. So there is a significant potential for overlap where coaching and counseling can help couples.

  • With counseling, one benefit is the counselor-client relationship often assumes a model where the counselor helps the client or the couple find the answers that are otherwise difficult to address.

  • Number of Sessions: Varies widely, can be for an extended period.

  • Session Length: Typically one hour

  • Counseling runs $120 per session

  • Coaching runs $75/hour per session with one coach, $100/hour with husband/wife combo


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