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hope weekends
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Did you know the average cost of a divorce is over $30,000.

Our marriage retreat, comparatively, is only $1,500 per couple (does not include food or lodging) and we have an 80% success rate with all of our couples (including those who have already started divorce proceedings).

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Hope Weekend

Hope Weekends are marriage retreats that combine Christian principles with the latest research to provide specific, practical, attainable skills to help couples:

  • LEARN to reconnect and restore trust

  • Promote a greater sense of “US” and oneness

  • EXPERIENCE deeper levels of intimacy, knowledge, and understanding of one another by learning to listen generously and confide in a healthy manner

  • LEARN the essential relationship skills required to develop, maintain, and sustain a deeply bonded and connected relationship

  • STRENGTHEN communication and conflict resolution skills

  • LEARN how to develop emotional regulation

  • FIND healing by removing accumulated relational pain


Traditional Marriage Therapy has about a 35% rate of success in restoring and healing marriages. Marriage Intensives, on the other hand, succeed with 85% of couples who complete the experience. While traditional counseling takes months, a Marriage Intensive over two to three days can clear obstacles and develop relational skills with immediate results.

A Marriage Intensive, as the name implies, pairs a trained pastoral counselor or relationship coach with one couple for two or three full days of exploration, education, and skills development. As a couple learns new tools for communication, intimacy building, and conflict resolution those skills are put into immediate use to build the lasting marriage both desire.

This Skills-based approach recognizes that there are basic emotional and relational needs common to all human beings. Relationships can be torn apart by past hurts and brokenness as well as by unmet emotional needs in the present. Using the best tools of psychological and behavioral research, our Marriage Intensive Pastoral Counselors help clients identify past hurts, unmet emotional needs, and self-defeating behavioral patterns which may be hindering personal growth and relational health. The goal of Skills Based Counseling is to assist couples in discovering new ways of thinking and behaving that will help them develop a healthy and satisfying marriage.



Jimmy Cash is our Deputy Regional Director and primary instructor of Hope Weekends.

(850) 843-4698



Doug Stephens is Director of the Tallahassee office, a Pastoral Counselor and conducts Marriage Intensives.

(850) 766-4424

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Angie Cash is our Marriage Program Coordinator. For details on costs and scheduling, contact:

(850) 295-1197

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“The course changed a 29-year marriage of confusion, hurt, silence, and missed opportunities into a vibrant relationship of pleasure and trust that thrives on change and growth.”


Live the Life does not offer long term clinical therapy services. 
Individuals or couples needing these services will be referred to appropriate licensed clinicians.
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